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Feb 03Posted ANNOUNCEMENT and Online Registration for Arctic Basic Skills 2016 Apr 17 (entries due Mar 28)
Jan 27Posted ANNOUNCEMENT and Online Registration for Chiller Spring Classic 2016 Mar 12 (entries due Feb 12)
Jan 25Posted PRACTICE ICE SCHEDULE for Pt Huron Edith Scheonrock 2016 Online Reservation for PI will be turned on at 7pm Tuesday. Those who don't already know their PIN should get it beforehand by going to the event page and selecting their name from the dropdown then clicking on the [SEND ME MY PIN] button.
Jan 17Posted SCHEDULE for New Edge Skatefest 2016
Nov 10 2015Posted SCHEDULE for Westland All American Classic 2015
Nov 02 2015Posted SCHEDULE for Skate Midland 2015
Oct 19 2015The Entry Deadline for Skate Midland 2015 has been extended until Oct 24
Oct 19 2015Posted SCHEDULE for Plymouth Spooktacular 2015
Oct 12 2015Posted SCHEDULE for Tuxedo Invitational 2015
Oct 07 2015Posted ANNOUNCEMENT for Westland All American Classic 2015 Nov 14 (entries due Oct 30)
Oct 05 2015Posted SCHEDULE for Dearborn Basic Skills 2015
Sep 26 2015Posted ANNOUNCEMENT for Garden City Invitational 2016 Mar 11-12 2016 (entries due Feb 12 2016)
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