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MIF Test Elements (PrePre-Juv)

JM - Juvenile MIF Test

# Element Focus
1 Stroking: Forward Power Circle Power
2 Stroking: Backward Power Circle Power
3 Eight-Step Mohawk Sequence Quickness Power
4 Forward and Backward Free Skating Cross Strokes Power
5 Backward Power 3-turns Power
6 Forward Double 3-turns Edge Qual
2011 Rulebook / TR 25.04 // Passing Avg: 3.0 / Duration: 10 min

PJM - PreJuvenile MIF Test

# Element Focus
1 Forward & Backward Power Stroking Power Ext (Fwd), Edge (Back)
2 FO-BI 3-turns in the Field Edge Qual
3 FI-BO 3-turns in the Field Edge Qual
4 Forward and Backward Power Change of Edge Pulls Power
5 Backward Circle 8 Edge Qual
6 Five-Step Mohawk Sequence Edge Qual Extension
2011 Rulebook / TR 25.03 // Passing Avg: 2.7 / Duration: 12 min

PM - Preliminary MIF Test

# Element Focus
1 Forward and Backward Crossovers Power
2 Consecutive Outside and Inside Spirals Extension Edge Qual
3 Forward Power 3-turns Power
4 Alternating Forward 3-turns Edge Qual
5 Forward Circle Eight Edge Qual Cont Flow
6 Alternating Backward Crossovers to Backward Outside Edges Extension
2011 Rulebook / TR 25.02 // Passing Avg: 2.5 / Duration: 10 min

PPM - PrePreliminary MIF Test

# Element Focus
1 Forward Perimeter Stroking Power Extension
2 Basic Consecutive Edges (FO, FI, BO, BI) Edge Qual
3 Forward Right- and Left-foot Spirals Extension
4 Waltz Eight Edge Qual
2011 Rulebook / TR 25.01 // Passing Avg: Pass/Retry / Duration: 8 min

Note: Moves elements are started from a standing, stationary position, with a maximum of 7 introductory steps, unless otherwise specified in the test description.

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