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Regionals Cutoff Information - DANGER Out of Date

Critical Dates

Date Reference
Entry Deadline Sept 1 #3212
Age Requirements Sept 1 #3640, #3650, etc
Test Requirements date of entry closing #3108

Note:no Sunday or legal holiday "following business day" practice will be applied to entry dates (#3212-1a)

Note: Competitors who pass a FS, Pairs, or Dance test after the close of entries, at a level higher than the tests specified for entry in that level's test requirements forfeit their eligibility to enter Qualifying competitions (#3109)

Age Limited Events

Level Max Age Rule
Intermediate 17 #3670
Juvenile 12 #3680
Intermediate Pair 17 #4070 (P)
Juvenile Pair / Dance 15 #4080 (P), #4430 (D)
PreJuv Pair / Dance 13 #4090 (P), #4440 (D)
Adult (min 21) #3051, #3730

In all cases, the "Max Age" age is the maximum age the skater can BE on the cutoff date. For instance, a Juvenile singles skater CAN BE 12 on the magic day, but CANNOT be 13.

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