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Combination Spins

Like jumps, spins can be performed in combination. A combination spin is a sequence of spins which change position (i.e upright-to-sit) or change feet (i.e. sit-to-back sit), or both. Some of the common combination spins include:

Often on combination spins which change feet, the skater moves to a different "center" (location on the ice) when changing feet. This is undesirable, and is called "re-centering the spin".

Sit / Sit (click to see video)
Ashley Matusz / Onyx Skating Academy

Camel-Sit / Sit (click to see video)
Becky Napiwocki / Crystal Ice FSC

Camel-Layback / Sit (click to see video)
Sarah Broxterman / North Suburban FSC
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