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Layback and Attitude Spins

The Layback spin is a very attractive variant of the upright spin. To perform a layback, the skater (usually) puts her arms in a circle in front of her body, then arches her back and looks at the ceiling while spinning. It is one of the most beautiful of spins. The variety of possible arm, back, and leg positions seem to be limited only by the artistic creativity of the skater. Shown here are several of the possibilities.

Lisa Dannemiller / Ann Arbor FSC Ashlee Castro
Flint 4 Seasons FSC
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Lauren Gladney / Detroit SC
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Attitude Spins

The Attitude spin is also considered an upright spin. In this spin which looks a little bit like a very shallow layback, the skater turns her head and looks to the side, instead of arching and looking up. Usually the freeleg is also raised and sticking out to the side in an attractive position.

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