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Grace Elements - Spiral

The Spiral is among the most beautiful of the grace moves. To perform a spiral, the skater glides on one foot while raising the non-skating leg towards the back. In a good spiral, the freeleg is elevated to at least hip level (horizontal), and may go significantly higher. On some very flexible skaters, the freeleg is almost vertical. On well performed spirals, the skater arches her back a little bit and keeps her head "up", rather than looking down at the ice.

Spirals can be performed either forward or backward, on either foot, or on either the inside or outside edge. They are described according the the edge the skater is skating on. Inside edge spirals are more difficult for most people.

LFO Spiral
Lisa Dannemiller / Ann Arbor FSC

RBO to RFI Spirals
Julia Poccia / Miami Univ FSC
(click image to see video)

RFI Spiral
Selena Zarate / Dearborn FSC
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