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Small Jumps - Half Flip

The Half Flip rotates half of a turn, taking off backwards and landing forward. The skater glides on a left back inside (LBI) edge. The left arm is extended forward, the right leg is extended backward.  The skater slightly bends the skating leg, then taps the ice with the freeleg and springs up with rotation. After rotating halfway around, the skater lands briefly on the toe pick of the left foot (going forward), then quickly lands and transfers the glide to the right foot.

Usually, the jump is preceded by either an LFO 3-turn or an RFI mohawk to get onto that initial LBI edge. This jump is usually taught early in the skater's career, and is often seen solo and in sequence (several in a row) in beginner programs. It is also commonly used in footwork sequences by advanced skaters, and is the basis for the Split jump.

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