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Small Jumps - Split

The Split Jump is very dramatic when performed well. It is basically a huge, very open half flip. The initial entry is exactly the same as for the half flip, but when the skater springs into the air she reaches forward with her left leg (the takeoff leg) and backwards with her right leg (the one that had picked the ice). Both legs swing "up" as high as possible, and ideally are locked into a straight extension. Arms are usually out to the side and the skater's face and chest are in the general direction of travel. Landing is initially on the left toepick, quickly followed by landing and glide on the right foot (RFI edge). In a great split, the skater's legs will be horizontal and in a straight line at the apex of the jump.

Emily Badhorn / North Suburban FSC
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Nikki Craker / Mentor FSC
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