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Recognizing the Jumps

The Axel (fo 1-1/2 Tbo)

The easiest jump to identify is the Axel. This is the only major jump that is entered from a forward edge. It is also among the most difficult to perform. You will see the skater take off from an LFO edge (going forward on the left foot, skating on an outside edge — i.e. curving towards the left). The skater performs 1-1/2 revolutions in the air (for a single Axel), then lands going backwards on the RBO edge. The other way to easily identify an Axel is to watch for the great big smile that usually accompanies it's successful completion!

Be aware that since most skaters really don’t like to skate forward, the Axel is usually preceded by back crossovers, from which the skater will execute a “step-forward” to get on that LFO takeoff edge. For this step-forward the skater will glide on his RBO edge, usually with his right arm at about 3:00, and his left arm about 11:00 relative to his body. Then he will look over his left shoulder and turn his body in the direction of the left arm, placing his left foot onto the ice on the LFO edge. From that edge he will execute the jump.

In the pictures below, Maggie is shown executing the back glide prior to step-forward, Sarah is on her takeoff edge, Paul is on his landing edge.

Axel - Sarah Townsend
Sarah Townsend / Univ of Mich SC
Double-click image to see video
Paul Korte / Summit SC of MI
Double-click image to see video
Maggie Kopnisky / Pavilion SC
Double-click image to see video
Click Here for awesome 'Tano style Axel
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