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Recognizing the Jumps

Walley (bi 1 Cbo) :: Toe Walley (bi! 1 Cbo)

These jumps are rarely seen, and when they are, they're usually buried in the middle of a footwork sequence. They are almost always a pleasant surprise, and judges generally remember you when you do them. Both jumps are counter-rotated, and so are somewhat more difficult than the conventionally rotated jumps. In fact, the actual Walley (the non-toe version) is quite difficult -- so much so that is almost never seen in a double or triple.

For a conventional jumper, the jumps take off from a Right Back Inside edge (usually a short one, often stepped down from an LFO-3), and land on an outside edge of the same foot (RBO).

In the video shown here, Kirsten is executing 2 Walleys in series. Note the well defined RBI edge of the takeoff on the first jump, as highlighted in the slow-motion video.

Click here for full video
Click here for Slow Motion video

  Kirsten Anderson / Miami Univ FSC
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