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Recognizing the Jumps

Lutz jump (bo! 1 Cbo)

The Lutz is a counter rotated jump. It takes off from a LBO edge (with toe pick assist), turns, then lands on the RBO edge. It is one of the most recognizable of jumps, because it is usually entered from a very long straight backwards glide across the full diagonal of the arena. After the long glide on the left foot, the skater usually leans a little bit to the left (proving to the judges that she is on an outside edge), picks with the right foot and jumps.

This is another jump that is notorious for cheats. Many skaters actually change to the inside edge before takeoff, turning the jump into the much simpler flip (many people call this a "flutz"). Watch carefully on this one to see if the outside edge is maintained until the point of takeoff.

Double Lutz

Pictured here is a double Lutz, performed by Jessica Saban. Note the very solid outside edge maintained right up to the point of takeoff.

(click here to see video)
(click here to see slow-motion video)
Double Lutz
Jessica Saban / SC of Novi
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