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Recognizing the Jumps

Waltz jump (fo 1/2 Tbo)

The Waltz Jump is the simplest of jumps. It is that great “stretch-out” jump that you often see skaters using during their warmups. It is sometimes known as a “three-jump”.

It is one of the few jumps other than the Axel that takes off in a forward direction. The most obvious characteristic of this jump is that, while in the air, the right leg is extended up and forward, while the body stays upright. A really good jumper will get the leg parallel to the ice and will fly about a bezillion miles forward while in the air. The jump is considered to be a half-revolution jump because it takes off forward, and lands backward with only the half turn in between. Usually this will be approached from back crossovers, to a step-forward onto the LFO edge, moving into the jump (this is the same prep used for an Axel, but it’ll be pretty easy to tell the difference!)

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