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Recognizing the Jumps

Toe Loop (bo! 1 Tbo)

The Toe Loop is usually the first “full revolution” jump learned, and is fairly easily performed, though often cheated. The toe loop takes off from a right back outside (RBO) edge, with an assist from the left toe pick, turns one full revolution, and lands on the RBO edge.

Among advanced skaters, it is most commonly done as a 2nd jump in a combination. However if performed solo, you will usually see a long forward glide on the left foot (LFI) with the free foot (right foot) in front held up in the air with the toe pointing to the right. Just prior to the jump, the skater will place the right foot down, execute an RFI 3-turn (a small 180 degree turn on the ice whose tracing looks like a numeral “3”) so that the skater is going backwards on a RBO edge. The left foot then “picks” the ice, vaulting the skater into the air.

Properly performed, the skater should not turn his body significantly prior to vaulting into the air. Often, you will see skaters turn their body almost as much as half-way around (while still skating backward) before placing the toe pick and vaulting. This is called a “cheat”, and when this is done, the jump is derisively called a “toe-waltz”.

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