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Recognizing the Jumps

Flip jump (bi! 1 Tbo)

The flip jump is a toe-assisted jump which has the same take-off and landing edges as the Salchow. It launches off a LBI edge (right toe-pick assist) and lands on the traditional RBO. The normal preparation is quite a bit different however. It is usually entered from a very straight (flat) forward glide on the left foot. The free foot (right) will be held up in the air in front of the skater. Just prior to the jump, the free leg will drop back, tap the ice and push the skater around in a LFO 3-turn, so that he is on a shallow LBI edge. The right foot goes directly behind the skater, picks the ice and “pulls” the skater up into the air.

Some skaters will substitute an RFI-LBI mohawk for the LFO 3-turn prior to the jump. In the images below, Nikki performs her double flip from a 3-turn entry, Jaime does her flip from a mohawk.

Jaime Badhorn / North Suburban FSC
(double click image to see video)
Nikki Craker / Mentor FSC
(double click image to see video)
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