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Recognizing the Jumps

Loop Jump (bo 1 Tbo)

The Loop jump is commonly done as a 2nd jump in combination, but frequently used “solo” as well. It is similar to the toe loop, excepting only that it has no toe-pick assist prior to the jump. It takes off from a RBO edge, turns a full revolution, then lands back on the RBO edge. There are 2 common entries if this jump is performed solo.

The first prep is identical to that described for the toe loop, except that no toe-pick assist is used. After the RFI 3-turn, the left foot is lifted with the knee bent and the left foot crossing over the right ankle. The leap occurs without benefit of any toe push (usually the arms sort of “swoop up” then cross in front of the chest).

The other common entry is by going directly into the jump from backwards crossovers. For this entry the skater’s left foot will usually drag pretty close to the ice during the final crossover and the arms (which are extended in normal crossover position) droop while the right knee bends, then the arms and left leg lift up as the skating knee straightens, pushing the skater into the air.

Single Loop In this photo, Sarah is shown on an RBO edge, just prior to takeoff. 
Sarah Townsend / Univ of Michigan  SC
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