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Salchow (bi 1 Tbo)

The Salchow got it's unusual name from it's inventor, Ulrich Salchow, and it is often pronounced as a “sow” (sounds like a pig).

It is an edge jump which takes off from a LBI edge, turns a full revolution, and lands on the RBO edge. It is most commonly entered from backwards crossovers with a step-forward onto a LFO edge. The skater then does an LFO 3-turn so that he is skating on a LBI edge. At this point, the skater usually executes a strong “check” for stability, with the right arm extended behind and the left arm extended forward. The free leg (right leg) is held in the air, behind and to the right of the skater. The skater swings the free leg and arm forward, initiating a spinning action, and leaps into the air.

The jump is sometimes entered from an RFI-mohawk (which places the skater directly onto an LBI edge).

In the picture and videos shown here, Lauren performs a triple Salchow from a mohawk entry

Lauren Gladney / Detroit SC
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